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"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art." ~Paul Cezanne

Champion Energy Active Imagination Zone 

Bayou City Art Festival - Memorial Park 2023

Our Champion Energy Active Imagination Zone is a popular area that inspires young artists by featuring hands-on art activities. Our non-profit partners create the art activity and then roll up their sleeves and help our little artists make masterpieces they can take home.

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Screen Printing - Artist Trading Cards

Danny Russo, a professional screen-printing artist, introduces participants to a versatile printing process utilized by visual artists worldwide.

  • Workshop reveals to students how math, science, and history are an integral part of art and the screen-printing process – which is actually centuries old!

  • Miniature pieces of art that are traded around the world, create your own ATCs, miniature art trading cards.

  • Artists create, trade and collect them at events, either in person or online. 

  • Each work of art is unique, signed by the artist, and the size of sports trading cards. 

  • Make your own ATC and trade it for one already made and on display in our tent.



ARTreach uses the arts to change lives.Through the power of connection, we deliver quality art programs to the most vulnerable populations in our communities: children and families at risk, special needs groups, and senior citizens. In partnership with professional artists and volunteers, we aspire to create positive impact on the community

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