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Why do I need a profile picture? Charities need to know who’s beautiful face is walking through their door! They can view your profile when you sign up for an event, that way they know the right person is showing up. Why do you need so much info from me on sign up? Think of this as a permission slip to volunteer at a charity. You’d have to give this information to a charity when you sign up anyway, so entering it all now makes it easier on the charity AND on you! What happens if I sign up for an event but don’t show up? Any time you sign up for an event but don’t show up, that counts towards your “no-show” count on your profile. Your school/employer/organization can see your no-show count and charities can see it when you sign up. So make sure when you sign up for a charity event, you can really commit! They’re counting on you! How can I invite a friend? You can share the event via text message, group chat, or on social media! Use the share icon to send your friend a link in which they can click on the “Event Preview,” and if they’re free, they can sign up too! Why do you only have 20 causes? POINT’s causes are based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (often called the SDGs or Global Goals). To read more about the SDGs click here. POINT chose these broad categories to unite communities around these worldwide goals. I accidentally left an organization/declined an invite. How can I make sure I’m a part of my organization? No problem! You can search for the organization on the Causes and request to join again. Can I use POINT after I graduate/if I leave my company? Absolutely. In fact, that’s our goal at POINT. We want to give YOU a lifelong tool to stay involved in you community and make it super easy to embrace the #domoregood lifestyle.