What's So Funny? Talking to Artist Jeff Leedy

Jeff Leedy isn’t shy about why we creates or what his intentions are with his pieces. He simply wants to make you smile. With whimsical characters and humorous punchlines, Jeff’s art is aimed to make his audience happy even in times of great hardship. By bringing to life the irony and humor in almost any situation, he offers a unique perspective on the human experience laced with current events and the mundane of everyday life. “One of my goals has been to spread laughter in the world. But, instead of becoming al elite, fine artist, I choose to create scores of affordable prints so that everyone could enjoy my off-center humor” he states on his website.

Q & A with Jeff Leedy

Who and/or what inspires you? I am inspired by what I see in life that needs humor. Not a person, but life.

What’s the best part of the process when working on a new piece or project? Watching a funny sketch turn into a great painting and having people crack up when they see it.

What is the best thing about being an artist? I get fabulous feedback from buyers and customers who tell me my art makes them happy.

Who is your favorite artist? Monet, Larson, Michelangelo

"Inner Peace, Hey No Problem"

What is your dream project? I am creating a video series called the Funday Sunnies© and want to be the replacement for Andy Rooney on "60 Minutes".

How has the current global health threat impacted you and your art? I’ve spent more time at home. Mostly marketing my prints and dog commissions. I like it better than spending so much of my life at 75mph traveling to shows.

How long have you participated as a Bayou City Art Festival? Almost 10 years since the late 90's and up to mid-2000’s.

What does the Bayou City Art Festival mean to you? I love exposing myself to the public. The police don’t seem to care. I’m a humorist.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be? Video creator/producer of humor.

What are you most proud of? I have sold over 400,000 works of my art and people love it. And my marriage (the third) is still going strong.

Do you have any hobbies? Tennis, flatwater kayaking, dog walks.

Describe your creative process in three words: Sketches, paint, title.

How have you offered yourself as an artist to your community? I have been teaching drawing at Idaho State Prison since September of 2019, but now we do it on Zoom. Very rewarding.

"You Know Who's in Charge"

Clearly Jeff is here to be seen! And when you peruse his collection on his website, it is evident that he pulls no punches whether it is commenting on his view of the current state of things, or the reality of pet ownership. At the end of the day, Jeff's mission is to create art that makes you laugh. Get a peek inside his head through his work and have a laugh with this short film.

Follow Jeff of Facebook, and Instagram for his latest work and his humorous outlook on life.

Carrie Clevenger

Artist Relations Director

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