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Rules and Regulations

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Application Guidelines:

  • ​Applications must be submitted by July 1st, 2022

  • Applicants must be actively enrolled in a local college or university art program

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old

  • Artists must apply under one of the 18 disciplines of art accepted at the Bayou City Art Festival Downtown. Artists may apply in up to 3 categories separately. The accepted disciplines are:

    • Clay​

    • Digital (Not Photography)

    • Drawing (Pastels, Ink, and Pencil)

    • Fiber and Textiles (Decorative)

    • Functional Art (Furniture, Wearable Art, etc)

    • Glass

    • Jewelry

    • Leather

    • Metal

    • Mixed Media 2D (Minimum of 2 media used to create)

    • Mixed Media 3D (Minimum of 3 media used to create)

    • Painting (Acrylic and Oil)

    • Painting (Watercolor)

    • Photography, Digital or Computer Manipulated

    • Photography, Traditional Film (No computer or machine enhancement)

    • Printmaking (Intaglio, Relief, and Planographic)

    • Sculpture 3D (Clay, Metal, Stone, Glass, or Wood)

    • Wood

  • Applicants must upload 3 images of their artwork. Artwork must be completed in the same category that the artist is applying under.

  • Applications will be reviewed and scored by an independent panel of jurors. The student from each school who receives the highest jury scores will be invited to participate at the 2022 Bayou City Art Festival - Downtown on October 8-9, 2022.

  • There is a $250 participation fee required for all invited collegiate artists at the festival. The participation fee is only required after the artist has been invited to participate at the festival. The fee can be paid through the school's art program, the school's alumni association, private donations to the artist, or by the artist themselves. Artists are not confirmed for the festival until The Art Colony Association, Inc. has received payment. Payment information will be sent to the artists upon acceptance into the Collegiate Art Collective.

Regulations and Artist Responsibilities:

  • Upon acceptance into the 2022 Collegiate Art Collective, artists will be sent the Artist Information Packet, which will include all necessary information regarding the festival, from artist check-in to load-out.

  • Artists in the Collegiate Art Collective will be provided with a 10x10 weighted tent, with 4 vinyl walls to be used during the festival. The tent will be set up and taken down by the festival production team. The artist is responsible for the interior decor and display of their art. Please note that interior mesh walls for hanging art are not provided by the festival production team.

  • Artists can only display and sell art that is made by their own hands. Limited edition prints of original artwork are allowed, but each print must be numbered and signed by the artist. No mass-produced artwork or promotional items of any kind will be permitted.

  • Artists may only display and sell artwork within the discipline/category that they have applied and been accepted into. Example: An artist accepted in the clay category can not display and sell oil paintings, etc.

  • Artists must plan ahead and prepare to have enough inventory to last through the end of the 2-day festival. Artists are expected to have art on display inside their tents at all times during the festival.

  • A complete list of artist expectations and responsibilities will be included in the Artist Information Packet that will be sent to all invited artists 4 weeks prior to the festival.

  • Artists are allowed to bring up to 2 assistants to support them during the festival. Assistants must wear proper identification at all times while on festival grounds. Artist Assistant wristbands will be available at Artist Check-in on October 7th, 2022.

  • No artwork or decorations are permitted outside the provided 10x10 tent unless previously approved by the festival directors.

  • Artists are responsible to obtain their own insurance policies if so desired. Art Colony Association, Inc. is not liable or responsible for any theft or damage to personal property or artwork while on festival grounds.

  • Festival security is provided 24/7 by the Harris County Sheriff's Office, as well as private security officers.

2022 Bayou City Art Festival General Information:

  • The 2022 Bayou City Art Festival - Downtown will be held on October 8-9, 2022 at Sam Houston Park, and along Allen Parkway, in downtown Houston, Texas. Festival gates will open at 10 am each day, and close at 6 pm.

  • Artist Check-in will be Friday, October 7th, 2022 from 11 am - 7 pm. The location will be included in the Artist Information Packet.

  • 2022 Attendance is expected to reach 20,000+

  • Collegiate Art Collective Artists will benefit from a multi-million dollar advertising and marketing campaign for the festival

  • Artists will benefit from an extensive artist hospitality program during the festival. Details will be included in the Information Packet sent to invited artists.