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The Art Colony Association, Inc. - Board of Directors


Mike Pede, President

Allen Brivic, Vice President

Obes Nwabara, Secretary

Mary Paulette, Treasurer

Board Members

  • Sydney Dao

  • Debra Denny

  • Rebecca Gentry

  • Kristin Jensen

  • Michael Meazell

  • Andrea Bonner

  • Kate Robertson


  • Kelley Robinson

  • Kyle Carter

  • Rodney Butler

  • Gina Armstrong Evans

  • Heather Staible

  • Drue DaSilva

Emeritus Members

  • John Daniel

  • Richard Fluhr

  • Jay Hollyfield*

  • Nadia Troutenko

  • Bart J. Truxillo*

  • Mary Paulette

*In Loving Memory

The Art Colony Association, Inc. - Team

Kelly Batterson

Executive Director

Artwork: LaMairee 1912 

Artist: Marc Chagall

Wendi Meisberger 

Artist Relations Manager

Artwork: Siamese Cat

Artist: Michael Creese

Rams Head.jpeg
Sara Eakens

Director of Festival Entertainment

Artwork: Ram's Head with Hollyhock 

Artist: Georgia O'Keeffe


Julia Soto

Volunteer Coordinator

Artwork: Out_of_The_Rabbit_Hole

Artist: Dewey James


Office: 713-521-0133


Art Colony Association, Inc.
7026 Old Katy Road, Suite #281

Houston, TX 77024

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