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From Karina Llergo: 

"In my art, I strive to capture the dynamic energy of the human body and its soulful essence. I transform figures into fluid entities, incorporating dance, air, and water to create an otherworldly likeness. My process involves oil glazing for color, acrylic impasto for depth, and 24K gold gilding for luminosity. Through the interplay of color, texture, and symbolism, my art becomes a conduit for the magic of existence. I aim to evoke not only visual appreciation but also a profound connection to life's vitality. Upon closer inspection, I hope viewers are inspired to generate positive forces in their own lives. My art is a concise yet rich exploration of the magic within motion and the transformative power of existence."

Karina Llergo, a multicultural heritage artist, was born and raised in Mexico City, where her roots intertwine with Mexican, Armenian, and Spanish heritage. Karina's academic pursuits led her to attain a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and further advancing her skills through specialized studies in Multimedia, Animation and Abstract Art. Under the mentorship of renowned Mexican artist Roberto Cortazar and portraitist Enrique Estrada, both of whom recognized her innate talent, Karina was encouraged to persist on her artistic path. While keeping art at the forefront of her mind and heart, Karina enjoyed a successful corporate career, serving as the art director for Mexico City's premier newspaper "Reforma" where she won several international awards, as well as contributing to campaigns for global brands such as Coca-Cola and Revlon at the prestigious advertising agency McCann Erickson.

In 2007, Karina made the pivotal decision to transition to a full-time career in art, relocating to Chicago. Since then, her work has garnered widespread acclaim, earning her a devoted following throughout North America. Among her many accolades are numerous Outstanding Achievement and Best of Show awards at esteemed art shows and exhibitions across the United States.


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